Zoomtastic Zoomyear

Zoomyear Zoomyear

Explore history in a fast-paced game.
From the biggest wars to the greatest discoveries.
Through dozens of stunning pictures, satisfy your curiosity for history and its most important events.

How it works

cameraA photography will appear in the screen and a countdown starts.

expandThe photo zooms out slowly giving you more information over time.

timerAfter 10 seconds, 4 possible answers appear. Choose one!

trophyRepeat until you become the best player!

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Help spread History by making this app free forever

Made in Barcelona with ♥ by Eric Ros
Contact: zoomtasticgame@gmail.com | @zoomtasticgame
Foto, New York by Kroll, Wilhelm (Herstellung) (Fotograf) - Deutsche Fotothek, Germany - CC BY-SA. https://www.europeana.eu/item/440/item_UJYIITEZSOWXL5DDNC2EQMYXD5C3YXNY
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